■Cognitive and Acceptance Terms

Pan Asia Human Resources Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Pan Asia")
Pan Asian Foreign Workers Service Platform (hereinafter referred to as "the Service").
If you are a Client of Pan Asia who employs foreign workers (hereinafter referred to as "employers").
If you are a Pan-Asia’s appointed foreign worker employed locally (hereinafter referred to as "foreign labor").
The network platform established by this service is only used for the transmission and sharing of information to foreign workers, and there is no profit.

In order to protect your rights, please be sure to read the following terms of service carefully:
By using the Service, you indicate that you have read and agree to be bound by all of these Terms of Service.
The Service reserves the right to modify or change the content of the Terms of Service at any time and will post it on the relevant webpage without further notice. It is recommended that you always pay attention to the modification or change.

This service provides the following services:
(a)Pan-Asia’s basic services: weekly news, decree, life promotion, medical card, emergency contact card, radio broadcast, local livelihood,Language learning, case progress, website links.
(b)Employer-selective services: company profile, factory bulletin board, operation manual, factory information, Salary slip (noun translation), message notification.

■Service Outline

(a) "Company Profile" (Introduction to Employer's Factory): Foreign workers can browse before entering the country to appease the fear of going to work in a foreign country.
(b)"Occupational Safety Course" (Occupational Safety Workshop): Watch the course videos in the cloud before and after entering the factory to remind workers of occupational safety to reduce the risk of occupational disasters.
(c)"Language Learning": Provides teaching of common vocabulary in life , reduces communication barriers (between employers, foreign workers).
(d)"Weekly News": Provide foreign key news and graphic reports, so that foreign workers can still be updated about their hometown affairs in a foreign land.
(e)"Care for Cards": Lists of translation of common symptoms. When a foreign laborer seek medical treatment, they can communicate with doctors to reduce language barriers.
(f)"Factory Affairs Bulletin": Like the bulletin board of the office, relevant work messages can be received immediately.

■Service activate/terminate

This service is activated when you sign an "Employer Employment Contract" or "Foreigner Appointment Service Contract" with Pan Asia.
This service is terminated when you sign a "Termination Contract Agreement" or "terminating service form" with Pan Asia.

■User Responsibility

Your are responsible of your own actions. The content of this service is protected by the intellectual property rights of Pan Asia. Do not copy, upload, download, or share related content unless you have the right. Please safeguard your password for this service, don't share account login information with others, or let others access to your account. If you are not affiliated with Pan Asia, please do not use this service.

■Custody obligation

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account. You are solely responsible for all actions taken with this password and account. If your account has been used without authorization, or if there are any other security issues, you must notify this website immediately. Every time you connect, please remember to log out and end your account. The Service will not be and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this Agreement.

■Links to third-party websites

This service may provide a network link of other agencies (hereinafter referred to as "third parties"). The third-party websites are solely responsible of each of their agencies, and are not within the scope of this service control and responsibility. This service does not guarantee the validity, correctness, suitability, or completeness of any search results or external links, nor does it mean that the Service has any relationship with the industry.

■Service Usage Rejection

In violation of these terms, you will be denied access to the Service.
(a)Violation of the expressly stipulated and spirit of these Terms of Service.
(b)The actual risk of injury or loss to the Service or other users by the use of the Service.
(c)Violation of the Labor Standards Law or legal requirements of the Republic of China.
In addition, the Service is not responsible for you or any third party.


Other matters that are not mentioned are handled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China and the Internet.
If you have any questions or comments about this service, please send an email to,thank you.